In 1980, Amer Safaee was born in a small town of Daykundi, Afghanistan. Entrepreneur and investor Amer Safaee is entirely self-made. He is one of the most successful Afghans entrepreneurs and investors who belonged to a poor family and grew up in war and famine where less one even talked about business. Nevertheless, from a young age, the desire to find success, become a businessman and develop his own business motivated him. It was with that ambition that Safaee went to college and paid for it with the money that earned from part-time jobs. He was also the first person in his family to go to college. At university, Amer completed a Bachelor's degree in IT and technology. Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries that is facing war, military invasion and terrorist attacks from decades. In these critical and hard conditions, Safaee decided to set up his own company. With the knowledge he acquired from university, he was quickly stablished a small IT company in Afghanistan.

After doing his Masters and getting his MBA, Safaee expand his business in more than five countries including Turkey, Tajikistan, UAE, the United Kingdom and Germany and that's how the Bama Group created by him. From humble beginnings, the entrepreneur now travels the world from Dubai to London, and invests in multiple industries including beauty and fashion – and is an avid luxury car enthusiast. Living between Dubai, London and Istanbul, Safaee has attained a level of success within his personal life that few from his country have been able to achieve. Amer Safaee loves fashion, travel, and luxury cars. He invested in the beauty and fashion sector as a company named ‘ZAZZ’ company that operates in five different countries. Recently, Amer Safaee has launched VOCE Model Management in London and Istanbul. His leadership philosophy is simple – hire the right people for the right job, understand their needs and set high standards that are attainable. For Afghanistan, Safaee’s example can inspire the many young minds that have often looked outward to see what they can achieve in their lives. He aims to expand his business into 50 countries by the end of 2025.